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This and that thought.
  retrieved 2020-12-06This and that thought. 

This and that thought.


One of their really striking pieces is This and that thought, a minimalist, interactive website which employs the soft-spoken speech recognition cyborg lady from the good old days of floppy discs and beige-toned bubble monitors. Her familiar voice speaks in a paradoxically stress-inducing monotone and rambles on about TV, office parties, and even her internal agony about picking out a color for her new car. “The new iPods are out of stock,” she laments, “I want to kill myself.” The piece as a whole is a clever comment on digital-age induced alienation, but one that goes beyond the typical rhetoric. Shallowness and banality are unfortunately inherent in the human experience. Yet underneath the monotonous diary-like ruminations of this bore-of-a-cyborg, there are flashes of “true” emotion. Loneliness reigns even for this normy as she cooes, “this is the best part of my day because I know I won’t be bothered.”

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