Gallery 404

The Museum of Broken Art

Gallery 404 Opens a Gift Shop Featuring a Unique Lineup of Artists and Scientists Gallery 404, an online art gallery dealing exclusively in broken artworks, has opened a gift shop spotlighting the significance of the digital commons. The shop features a handpicked selection of multimedia works that use permissive licenses. The creative commons play a vital role in preserving our shared culture. As such, the online shop is offering visitors a carefully curated collection of extremely non-rare and fully intact artifacts by artists and scientists such as Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh), Amos Kennedy, and the team responsible for putting people on the moon. "We recognize that culture is a commonly-held enterprise," said David Schmudde, the gallery owner. "The artifacts in our gift shop are quite different than all the privately-held work in our gallery. While the gallery work was all ravaged by the passing of time, the artifacts in the gift shop continue to function as the creators intended." The online gallery's gift shop has several unique digital artifacts available for download. These price-less works of art celebrate humanity's creativity when making the worst out of a good situation. For instance, the freshly-minted NFT "Not Making the World's First Collaborative Sentence" preserves the brokenness of online artworks on the blockchain. What was once freely broken for all is now locked into an NFT. Visit the online shop and gallery at, where admission is free for visitors and artists. Stay updated on upcoming events and promotions by following the curator's social media handles. Contact: David Schmudde (owner/curator), +39 351 666 9318 eMail: Mastodon: Twitter: @dschmudde finger: